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  5. "I watched both movies."

"I watched both movies."

Translation:Я дивився обидва фільми.

December 22, 2015



Can anyone explain it? I have seen 2 different verbs for this sentence: I watched both movies. Why and what is the difference? Thanx


Я дівівся обідва фільми. Is this a male form, right? Я дівілась обідва фільми. So that must be a female one?

[deactivated user]


    • «Я диви́вся оби́два фі́льми» is the male form,
    • and «Я диви́лась оби́два фі́льми» or «Я диви́лася оби́два фі́льми» is the female form.

    There's also a neuter form, «Я диви́лося оби́два фі́льми», but you'll need to be creative to make up a context for it. (E.g. some fairy-tale where the bear-cub, ведмедятко, watches films.)


    ведмедятко I like this one. I'm actually Polish so it's a bit easier for me as in Polish we can say niedźwiedź i niedźwiadek, it sounds similar to Ukrainian version for me. Thanx for this explanation


    Кіно is also used to mean movie in Ukrainian today. It should be acceptable!

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