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  5. "Everyone needs mathematics."

"Everyone needs mathematics."

Translation:Matematik herkese gerekiyor.

December 22, 2015



what is the difference between "herkes" and "herkese" when do we use each of them?


"herkese" is in the dative case :) It is used for indirect objects, to show movement towards something, and with some verbs.

This sentence is saying something like "Mathematics is necessary to everyone" :)


why herkes matematikte gerekiyor is not acceptable


You can't put "math" in the locative case here; it doesn't have any meaning.


Is "He needs mathematics" translated as "Matematik ona gerekiyor."?


"Ona matematik gerekiyor." can make a sense but "Matematik ona gerekiyor." is an inverted sentence. And you can translate your sentence into "Onun matematiğe ihtiyacı var." as well in addition to this.


Why is "Matematik ona gerekiyor" an inverted sentence? I thought it literally translates to "Mathematics is needed to him" and "Matematik" were the subject of the sentence.


I meant that "Ona matematik gerekiyor." is tidier than "Matematik ona gerekiyor." while I was saying it was an inverted one. And "Ona matematik gerekiyor."s subject is still "matematik". Yes, "Mathematics is needed to him." is "Matematik ona/onun için gerekli." but "He needs mathematics." is "Onun matematiğe ihtiyacı var." / "Ona matematik gerek/gerekiyor/lazım."

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