"How many pets did her family have?"

Translation:Hvor mange kjæledyr hadde familien hennes?

December 22, 2015

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Why doesn't 'sin' work here? It's her own family we're talking about.


But 'familien' isn't what 'sin' refers to, but a 'she'.

"familien hennes" = "the family of hers"

"familien sin" = "the family's own"


'Sin' is only used if the noun is the subject of the sentence?


From Possesive's Tips and Notes:

Sin, Si, Sitt, & Sine

The above are an interesting set of possessive adjectives in Norwegian. They all translate to his, her, its, or their and can only be attached to objects in a sentence. Sin, Si, Sitt, & Sine describe something that the subject has or owns, not somebody else. This distinction does not exist in English.


Ah yes. I wish we could read the notes on mobile.


Same here! I really wish the Duo developer team would enable that. I didn't even know there were notes until very late in this tree.

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