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  5. "Tero moviĝas ĉirkaŭ la suno."

"Tero moviĝas ĉirkaŭ la suno."

Translation:Earth moves around the sun.

December 22, 2015



What's the difference between "movas" and "moviĝas" ?


Movi is the transitive verb, moviĝi the intransitive.

La gravito movas la Teron. Do la Tero moviĝas.


I was pinged for writing "The Earth orbits the sun".

I'm surprised that my translation wasn't added before the course hit Beta, it's that obvious.

To be far though, I've always thought of "Orbit" as the standard way to convey this idea, and later on came to understand "Move around/about" and "Circle" as strange but somewhat understandable alternatives.


My translation has since been added people.


Why the translantion of earth is "tero"? I thought it was translated as " soil".


tero = earth, soil

Tero = the Earth

The capital letter differentiates the meanings.

    1. "Terra" is the name of our planet in the Romance languages.
    1. Terra is also the way they say land in Romance languages.

"Earth" was the closest way to say the second meaning of earth in Old and Middle English, and also meant "A plot of land", and from that "Soil".

Earth is now used as the name of our planet in English, and can also mean "Soil".

I don't know if "Soil" is "tero" in Esperanto, or something else.

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