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"Hun måtte skynde seg til legevakten."

Translation:She had to hurry to the emergency room.

December 22, 2015



The suggested translation 'to the A&E' is wrong. It should be 'to A&E'.


Why? It could be both imo.


Legevakten - the doctors guard/watch
Interesting compound word


She had to hurry herself to the emergency room - was marked wrong, is it that odd to say hurry herself?


Yup, it is wrong. In English you don't have to add -self to hurry, it works this way only in Norwegian, and your translation was (too) literal.


Don't have to doesn't mean you can't. You'll often hear that in spoken English, it should be considered for translation


I have to disagree there - I am a native UK English speaker and I have never heard "hurry herself" in spoken or written English. It's possible it exists in a regional dialect but I'd have marked it wrong when I was teaching!


Born and raised in Canada, English as a first language, and I have heard it many times. It's not incorrect, it's just not the fastest or most common way of saying that


Hmm, maybe I'm not a native but I haven't heard it either. However Canadian English is not the main form of the language making it indeed somewhat dialect-like and that construction may not appear in BrE or even AmE at all


Not sure why "she had to hurry to A & E" is wrong - it's what one would say.


I'm pretty sure it's because you didn't use the bc Duo generally accepts A&E for legevakten. You know, like a doctor has to hurry to the A&E bc they work there (I guess, I improvised).

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