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  5. "Czy wy słuchacie muzyki?"

"Czy wy słuchacie muzyki?"

Translation:Are you listening to music?

December 22, 2015



What would, "Do you listen to music?" be?


"You are listening to music?" is wrong?


In American English, they mean the same thing as long as there is an inflection on the end.


Its not a question, but... I don't know


I reported this because "you all" was not accepted as a translation for "wy." Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this.


It`s a usual activity,not NOW, but n general.Nie możno używać czasownik "to listen" w Present Cont.Instead of it" Do you listen to music?


With the verb listen, both the progressive and the habitual aspect are totally fine in English, with the latter being less probably, since we naturally assume that everyone enjoys some music at some point in time.


Does the object after słuchać take genitive?


Yes, "słuchać" is among those verbs that take a direct object in Genitive.


Should "You listen to music?" be accepted? This is the same meaning and "czy" is not a direct tranlastion to "do" or "are" anyway.


"czy" makes it clear that this is a yes/no question. If it wasn't here, we'd accept your word order, but as it's present, we require a 'real' word order of an English question.

"Wy słuchacie muzyki?" could be interpreted as expressing surprise, that is when we accept a word order like "You listen to music?".


słuchacie.. You wouldn't use that word here.. Its with the (ty słuchasz)


Where exactly wouldn't we use it and why?

Słuchacie (plural) goes with wy whereas słuchasz (singular) goes with ty. English doesn't differentiate here, so in the reverse exercise both versions are accepted. The Polish pronouns are usually omitted, though.

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