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  5. "Öğretmenim ve eşi Azeri."

"Öğretmenim ve eşi Azeri."

Translation:My teacher and his spouse are Azerbaijani.

December 22, 2015



I don't see the genitive case here. Can someone explain it to me how got the 3rd person possessive suffix?


[Benim] öğretmenİM ve [onun] eşİ

For both nouns in this sentence (teacher and spouse, öğretmen and eş), the possessive adjective (my and his, benim and onun) is left out. We understand the possessive meaning by the suffixes (-im and -i) on the nouns themselves. It's always grammatically OK to do this--you only need to use the possessive adjectives to clarify and emphasize.


Ah. I see. Okay. Thank you very much. :D

I've mistaken for öğretmenimin eşi, but that will "My teacher's spouse..." not "My teacher and his spouse..."


Have a lingot. :)


I'm confused ;) Could someone please explain how one would say "I am a teacher"? I would actually go for "Ögretmenim", too...


That is exactly how you would say it. Context helps here. Notice the sentence "I am a teacher and his spouse is Azeri" doesn't really make sense in English :D


How would I then translate "my teacher and his Azeri wife"


Öğretmenim ve Azeri eşi

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