"Wy słuchacie muzyki."

Translation:You are listening to music.

December 22, 2015

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I hear "mUzyki" (with an emphasis on the first syllable), guys, do you hear that, too? Is it one of those cases when the emphasis doesn't follow common rule?


It actually is. Words coming from Latin and ending with -yka/-ika (as well as their forms, as long as they have the same number of syllables) are accented on the third syllable from the end, not the second from the end as usual.

But there's always a possibility that the automated audio doesn't get something correctly, so it is worth checking the comments to see if it was already asked.


Does 'słuchacie' imply that you are listening TO something? Could one say "Wy słuchacie chłopca"?


That sounds like it makes sense to me :P Hopefully someone who knows the language well will confirm this soon! It looks to me as if this verb takes the genitive so no preposition is required. So as long as "chłopca" is genitive (I'm not sure if it is as I am a beginner to Polish!) then that should work :)


well you can be just listening. - trying to hear Also it has 3 meanings (very close) To be listening right now to something /someone talk/sing etc To often listen to so sth - music , audio book, certain band To obey someone right now or often

all look the same Słucham + genitive


"Słucham" is also one of the most popular words to say when answering the phone.


Similar in Russian, too.


In the fast audio I clearly hear "Dy" instead of "Wy".


I think I can agree, for the female voice. I disabled it (it will apply only to the listening exercises unfortunately).


Wy sluszaetie muzyku (rus)

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