"Wasze matki, wasi ojcowie"

Translation:Your mothers, your fathers

December 22, 2015

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widzę pewne nawiązanie do niemieckiego serialu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It would really help if duolingo gave us an indicator of case as we go - so we know either which case we are in, or after our answer which case we were supposed to be in. I appreciate case can change within a sentence.


Well, there isn't really a place to put it, no place to put explanations in.

Here, you just have a noun phrase (well, two noun phrases), not anything in a sentence. Therefore you should use Nominative, as you treat it like something in a dictionary.


I think you referring to majtki/underwear


lol! Matki noszą maijtki! (i hope i said that right)


Almost, just a typo: "Matki noszą majtki" :)


I'm still not hearing the difference between ę , e , and y and e endings...and yes I know I should know which ending by the case...but still.


Well, if it's the final sound of the word, most native speakers will pronounce -ę exactly the same way as -e, or nasalize it just a bit.

As for y/e, I'm afraid you just have to listen more... they are different.

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