"Twój brat pisze list."

Translation:Your brother is writing a letter.

December 22, 2015

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is brat supposed to sound like "brad"?


It's generally the other way around. Polish tends to devoice last letter in the word if it is a voiced consonant, so hypothetical "brad" would be read as "brat". However, you voice or devoice the whole consonant cluster spanning multiple words depending on the voiceness of the last consonant in this particular cluster, eg. " Brat z żoną" would be pronounced "Brad z żoną" (cluster "t z ż", ż is voiced); "Brat z siostrą" is pronounced "Brat s siostrą" (cluster "t z s", s is unvoiced); "Rycerz z tarczą" is "Rycesz s tarczą" (cluster "rz z t", t is unvoiced) and "Rycerz z giermkiem" is "Rycerz z giermkiem" (cluster "rz z g", g is voiced).


She doesn't pronounce it as "pisze" but as "pisza"


I think shes saying the E like 'eh' Peesh-eh


Polish e is pronounced like 'eh', or like 'e' in the word "pet"


I wrote "Your brother's writing a letter" , and it said that it is wrong.


In English you can shorten "is" to "'s" only with personal pronoun, eg. "He is writing." -> "He's writing." Shortening it with a noun is colloquial and that could be the reason it is not allowed here.


At some point we decided to accept it, so I guess I can add it here as well.

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