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"Моя сестра багато подорожує, отже вона бачила багато."

Translation:My sister travels a lot, so she saw a lot.

December 22, 2015



A preferable construction would be: "My sister travels a lot, so she has seen a lot."


The sequence of tenses should be observed in English. Therefore the matched phrasing should be for example: "My sister travels a lot, so she has seen a lot." or "My sister has travelled a lot, so she has seen a lot." or "My sister travelled a lot, so she saw a lot."

This Ukrainian-from-English programme needs to be reviewed by a native English speaker.


I don't want to harp on this, but the accepted answer sounds awkward to a native English speaker.


Отже = therefore not accepted?


There is a case conflict in the two segments of this statement. The first part is present tense "travels" and the second part is past tense "saw". Since подорожує is present tense then бачила needs to be translated "sees" to keep the tenses in agreement in English.


"My sister travels a lot, and so she has seen a lot." should be accepted. Do not try to keep the two separate clauses in the same tense. In English it makes perfect sense to have the first clause in the present and the second in the past. Because Ukrainian does not have the wide variety of past tenses that English has, both the accepted translation and the one I have given are equivalent.


I have three Ukrainian dictionaries that all give "and so" as the first translation of "отже". To the people who think that one cannot use past and present in English, you are wrong. The two verbs are in separate clauses. There is no requirement in English to have tenses of verbs in separate clauses agree.

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