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"Żółte spodnie i niebieskie buty"

Translation:Yellow trousers and blue shoes

December 22, 2015



...will prevent you from being involved in a road traffic accident when crossing the road at night...


...are true swedish colors :-)


interesting combination! haha


Quite a peculiar mix, if you ask me.


"Niebieskie" is fun to say. :D


Kanapka is my secret joy buzzer Polish word. The fact that one uses dog and horse and sandwich so often makes me think they have solid places in Polish culture. N'est-ce pas?


I like a word "niebieske" :)


So adjetives always come first? Or it could also be used differently for emphasis?


It could be used differently for poerty, or when pair has set meaning - szkoła podstawowa- primary school, Uniwersytek Jagiellonski- Jagilellonian University, dowód osobisty (ID, literally "personal evidence" ), język polski- Polish language,

Also with adjectives that were formed from nouns like komputerowy, telewizyjny, lampowy , stołowy klasowy

[deactivated user]

    T...Tom Bombadil?


    how come duolingo is onconsistent with its english? in another question color was used instead of colour, but here its trousers instead of pants.


    Well, we teach Polish here. American English in the translations wins usually UNLESS the British version is unambigous. When we use "trousers", we are sure that there's no confusion about the meaning of "spodnie". Even if American people may not use this word, I'd find it unlikely that they won't know its meaning. With "pants", we don't control what item of clothing the learners think about.

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