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gerunds (Turkish lesson )

i really don't understand this lesson at all can anyone help me !!

December 22, 2015



To me, it seems like you take the "k" off of a verb then you can use suffixes on it as if it were a noun. When I realized this, it really helped me to remember. Examples:

Bizim çalışmamız lazım: We need to study (literally "our studying is necessary").

The -mız suffix was added to çalışma(k). -mız is the suffix for "our".

Çorba içmeyi seviyorum: I love to eat/drink soup.

You know how you would say seni seviyorum with seni being accusative? It's the same with the gerunds too, you add the same suffix -(y)i.

Some cases will still have the "k" at the end of the word, like locative -da and ablative -dan. An example is "Seni sevmekten nefret ediyorum." The object has to have the ablative case -dan when you use nefret etmek.


teşekkür ederim ^_^ this helped me alot

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