"Noszę ubrania."

Translation:I wear clothes.

December 22, 2015

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Why is "I am wearing clothes" wrong?


Why is "I'm wearing clothes" wrong?


Apparently in Polish they use different expressions to say "I wear" and "I am wearing" (or just wearing in general). We are used to present simple and present continuous being the same in this language, but this is one of the rare cases when that's just not it. In short: They use "nosić" for "to wear" and "mieć na sobie" for "to be wearing"(literally translated to "have on oneself") For a better, more in-depth explanation follow this link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27628688


Could you please explain why "I am wearing clothes" is incorrect?


I came across this while searching for the answer, thank you!


Why isn't it "noszę ubranię"? I mean, we use a case like in "noszę koszulę", we don't say "noszę koszula" what am i missing there ? Please I would like to know.


So, the verb "nosić" takes Accusative, and for this reason you say "Noszę koszulę", as you noticed. Feminine ending -a turns into -ę in Accusative.

However, there are several genders for which the Accusative form is identical to the Nominative one. Those are: masculine singular inanimate, neuter singular, and 'not masculine-personal plural'.

"ubrania", being plural but not 'a group with at least one man', belongs to the third category.

Basically, "Noszę ubranię" would be correct if "ubrania" was singular (feminine singular). But it's not.


Alright thanks !


Nudists (in Polish: nudyści)



If you look in the thing for hints for it it says NOT i am wearing


Exactly! I'm glad that someone noticed it... :)


What is the wort for "suits" when ubrania is just clothes? I thought it is also "suits"?

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