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  5. "Te kanapki są smaczne."

"Te kanapki smaczne."

Translation:These sandwiches are tasty.

December 22, 2015



What is difference beetween Ci and Te? Ci is used to people and Te to things?


Mmm... Sandwiches...


"smaczna" is feminine singular. So it would be used for one sandwich: "Ta kanapka jest smaczna".

You need the 'not masculine-personal plural' form here. Which is "smaczne".


Funny, I JUST read a post that detailed how te can be these or those, whereas tamten, etc. are only for "that/those"


"These sandwiches taste good" is not accepted. Can anybody please explain me why? Thank you in advance!


Because, although the two versions carry the same meaning, they are grammatically different. '...są smaczne' is the form 'to be' + adjective, whereas your form is the verb 'to taste' + adverb. Your sentence would be 'Te kanapki smakują dobrze' (Note that, in Polish we have verb+adverb, not the English verb+adjective)


Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it.


Nicodemus is quite right; but recently, after long discussions, we've decided to become more liberal in terms of accepted translations of "smaczny" and "taste good" is actually among them now.

Generally though, we prefer to keep rather closer to the grammatical structure of the original sentence.


Because tasty could be more than just " tasting good".


Can this be both of the following? "These sandwiches are tasty" AND "these are tasty sandwiches"? In English the meanings are slightly different (but only slightly).


In Polish also 'only slightly', but we want to keep the grammar the same, so if the original sentence had "these sandwiches" as the subject, we don't accept changing the subject to "these".

"These are tasty sandwiches" would b "To są smaczne kanapki".


How can I type the special a character? My keyboard doesn't have it


It depends on the platform you use to connect to duolingo. On PC, Microsoft Windows it's enough to install additional keyboard: „Polski Programisty” - it's the same layout as American keyboard but when you press right alt + z/x/c/a/s/e/n/o/l you get special Polish characters (aha, left ctrl + left alt does the same as right alt).


Is this phrase genitive?


No, nothing here is in Genitive. You just have a subject of the sentence (obviously in Nominative) and an adjective that describes the subject (also Nominative).


"these sandwiches are delicious" was rejected. Is there a reason why only tasty is correct, or is it an overlook? ( I reported it in any case. )


Yes, we consider "delicious" to translate to "pyszne".


Why is "these sandwiches are delicious" incorrect? Is there a different word for "delicious" in Polish other than "smaczne"?


Yes, it's "pyszne".

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