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  5. "Мої руки"

"Мої руки"

Translation:My hands

December 22, 2015



And долонькі means "palms?" Heard that one from Ukrainian pop singer Iryna Fedyshyn.

[deactivated user]

    Right. But «доло́ньки» is a diminutive form, you use it for small or cute palms. The usual word for palms is «доло́ні» (singular «доло́ня»).

    The suffix -к- is often used to create diminutive forms (to add a meaning of something or someone small or cute): дівчина 'girl' — дівчинка 'little girl', міст 'bridge' — місток 'small bridge'. However, this suffix often triggers consonant change in the stem (рука 'hand, arm' — ручка 'little hand, little arm, handle, pen', хлопець 'guy, lad' — хлопчик 'boy', нога 'leg, foot' — ніжка 'little leg, little foot, leg of table'), so it's not always easy to use it!

    Also, sometimes the change of meaning is not so obvious. «Ручка» is not just 'little hand/arm' but also 'handle, door-knob' and even 'pen'.

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