"Jesteście siostrami?"

Translation:Are you sisters?

December 22, 2015

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Nie, jesteśmy klonami.


Is it always an "-ami" ending for plural feminine?


There is (almost) always an -ami ending for the plural in the instrumental case for all three genders (and here you need the instrumental case because of the verb "to be")


Could you explain the need for instrumental further?


In any sentence of the form "A is B" (or "I am B" or "you are B" or "As are Bs", and so on), B has to be in the instrumental case.


Check here for X is Y (or A is B, if you prefer) constructions. Instrumental is usually not the only option.

Check here for more info about Instrumental.


Could you use this question to subtly compliment the mom in this case? Asking for a friend...


I guess... just wondering if addressing someone's mom wouldn't need Formal You, but then it's hard to decide what to do when you address a friend (informal) and her mother (formal)...


I would avoid that by either using impersonal constructions or rephrase my sentences in such a way that I address only one person at a time.


Yes, that's probably the best choice.

I remember when I was 9 and I would always go to school by car with my friend and her mom. And one day her mom told me that I could just call her by her first name. It was a nightmare. On one hand it's hard to refuse, but then it's also such a weird thing to do for a kid... so I started turning every sentence impersonal :D


When it says 'jestescie' can i write 'you guys' ?


Yes, we usually accept 'you guys' in such sentences.

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