"Dinner and wine"

Translation:Kolacja i wino

December 23, 2015

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In Poland, they eat four times a day. They start the day early and have sandwiches around 10 at work, which is the second breakfast. Then after work, around 3 or 4pm, they have obiad, the main meal of the day. Kolacja is usually a light snack. Not a warm meal. Obiad can be translated as dinner. People usually don't eat at noon.


That explains why "obiad" can mean "lunch" or "dinner". Dzięki!


There needs to be a more appropriate English translation than "lunch" or "dinner". unless you add "supper" as the final / 4th meal


Obiad is lunch, not dinner. This app is generally great btw. Learning a lot


Dinner is both "obiad" & kolacja


Something I've learned from studying multiple different languages/cultures is that 'dinner' in English doesn't refer a fixed meal. Rather, it means the most important/largest meal of the day, which varies from place to place. Historically, 'dinner' has referred to the noon-time meal we usually call 'lunch'.


I think it has been fixed kolacja i wino is just fine ;)


I thought obiad means lunch


It is a large meal eaten around 1-5 pm , often with family. translate it however you want. duolingo accepts dinner and lunch for obiad, and dinner and supper for kolacja= evening meal.


I think the idea about of fixed stresses in all ower the languages words is not realy good idea. Even here in the "wino" I clearly heard the stress on "o" when it shoud be on "i" as rulles said. Mutch more better do not be cicled on where sress shoud be.


The TTS stress is really bad in maaaany sentences, better not pay too much attention to it.


Back in the day in the US, dinner was considered a large and somewhat special meal in the mid- later afternoon. ie., "we have sunday dinner every week." Also, Thanksgiving dinner was served around 2-4. Supper was the ordinary meal around 5:30. There were even restaurants called supper houses/clubs. My Polish dad to this day uses supper. I also think it's a midwestern thing.


when we say kolacje and kolacja ?


"kolacja" is Nominative, the basic form, used mostly for the subject of the sentence. Here, as it's just two nouns without any context, outside of the sentence, you also use Nominative.

"kolację" is Accusative, used for the direct object of the sentence, e.g. "Jem kolację" = "I am eating dinner".

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