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Is duolingo confused???

When learning Turkish, it first taught me that "pasta" meant "pasta." Now, in the food section, it's telling me that "makarna" means "pasta" and that "pasta" means "cake." What's happening here?

December 23, 2015



I think you may be misremembering? It taught me in the first lessons about that. Unless it's a bug that's been introduced....


Turkish 'pasta' is borrowing from Italian 'pasta' which is cognate with Fr. (and En.) 'pâtisserie', whereas 'makarna' is from It. 'maccherone', which is cognate with 'macaroni'.

The Turkish course certainly hasn't mixed them up; however, 'pasta' does mean pasta in most languages on Duo, so you probably have a false memory of seeing it meaning pasta in Turkish.


N.B.: I'd say cognate with FR pâte(s) (from latin pasta itself from greek) which has two meanings:

  • [EN] pasta, the Italian food thing
  • [EN] dough/pastry (the base thing for cakes) and, from this meaning of pâte is derived pâtisserie (through some intermediaries).


You are quite right; but, as you say, pâtisserie still ultimately derives from the same word, so it's still a cognate, and I thought that offering this example would be more useful to the OP in order to remember that Turkish 'pasta' means 'cake'.


I thought that offering this example would be more useful to the OP

And you're probably right: I'm not an EN native speaker so don't always know what will help more an EN speaker.
It's even worse: to my FR eyes and ears cake [FR] isn't the same (nor part of, not a kind of) pâtisserie. ;)


"pasta"(TRK) isn't the same as "pasta"(ENG). "Makarna"(TRK) is "pasta"(ENG), and "pasta"(TRK) is "cake"(ENG). I've also seen "kek" for cake.


The difference between "kek" and "pasta" is that "pasta" is the decorated one with frosting/icing/fondant or similar.

"Kek" is just the main cake part (the cooked part made of eggs, sugar, flour ...) and can have things like cocoa powder, nuts, fruit etc cooked in it.

Once you decorate a "kek" with icing/frosting it turns into "pasta"

But it's not a big problem if you say the wrong one. Nobody really cares, desert is desert :-)


True. I'll eat it either way! :)


Thanks everyone for helping, I probably had a memory glitch of the first usage of "pasta."

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