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"Das Praktikum dauert zwölf Monate."

Translation:The internship lasts twelve months.

January 11, 2013



"The internship takes twelve months" should be right.


'The internship lasts for twelve months' was rejected. This is more correct than the given answer!


I agree that it's correct, but not necessary more correct.

[deactivated user]

    Although the American term "Internship" is starting to appear over here in the UK, it is more often called "work placement" or "work experience". Would Duolingo accept those terms?


    In Britain, we call an internship a placement. I've checked my dictionary and that covers both words, so when I put placement, why was it marked as incorrect?

    [deactivated user]

      I am British, and I would say that in a sentence like this with no context, the word "work" is needed before "placement". As I said before, we talk of "work placements" and "work experience". But I agree that "internship" sounds unusual in a British context.


      Das Praktikum dauert ein Jahr...


      What would be the plural of Praktikum?


      The man says moh-nit-uh... not moh-nat-eh. Sounds wrong to my ears. What do you guys think?


      My main issue is that the emphasis is put on the first syllable here rather than the second, where it should be.


      I am aware that Duo is a computer Program so its English database should be amended so that "Lasts FOR Twelve Months": "Lasts for one Year" "Takes Twelve Month"s "Takes one Year" should all be correct answers to this particular question. at least from languages going to English The German language translations may be more limited and succinct, that is the impression that I have of Duo's German usage, the briefest answer is the invariable the best.


      'The practical' is normal English usage for 'Internship' or 'practical course' and should be allowed.

      [deactivated user]

        Not in British English. Here, "the practical" tends to refer, for example, to those parts of science courses (in school, college or university) which involve experiments. As I said before, for periods of training where school pupils or college students spend some weeks in a workplace, we would say, "work experience" or "work placement".


        I'm trying to find the German word for "the practical" as you defined "those parts of science courses which involve experiments." Does anyone know this word?


        I believe the word you're looking for is simply "praktische"?


        That is also das Praktikum (which I found out to my great relief when they told us we would have "fünf Praktika" in one module this semester!).

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