"Mamy wspaniałego syna."

Translation:We have a wonderful son.

December 23, 2015

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Do animate nouns take the genitive form in the accusative, while inanimate nouns simply remain in the nominative? (A few tips & notes would be most welcome.)

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Generally speaking - yes, but like usually in Polish, there are some exceptions ;)

  • banan, burak, hamburger, pomidor, stek and other masculine non animate nouns that are names of plants, dishes or fruits/vegetables act like animate and take the acc=gen.
  • company brands and names of their products - camel, fiat, szampan - do as well
  • games (tenis, golf)
  • currencies (dolar, funt)
  • and some other which I can't categorise (pech, strach) - as well

Some triva: mind that sometimes the same homonym can have differnt declension, depending on the meaning:

  • 'zamek' ('castle') - acts like non-animate ('Widzę zamek/Nie widzę zamku')
  • 'zamek' ('lock') - acts like animate ('Widzę zamek/Nie widzę zamka')


I don't get why we have genitive here...


It's Accusative, as needed by "mieć". Hover tips, if imperfect, can cause more problems than help...

Genitive would look the same.


I translated it as 'we have a wonderful son' but was told translation incorrect. Then 'correct' translation was the same as mine


Must've been a bug.

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