Norwegian speakers

hi I am learning Norwegian and i really need some one to speak to in Norwegian so i can retain what I'm learning so if any one who speaks Norwegian fluently or is in a higher level in norsk, or knows a website that has chat rooms or something like that. Then me please message me. I'm about to go on a exchange in Norway and i would like to be a little fluent when I get there

thanks for the help

December 23, 2015


You might want to try the app HelloTalk

It's an app that lets you pair up with and talk to native speakers from other countries, with a load of useful added features. It seems to work pretty well, but I can't claim to have used it extensively as I am lucky enough to have Norwegian friends.

Hei!! (: Hvis du ønsker jeg kan snakke med deg i norsk (Hello!! (: if you want i can speak with you in norwegian (: )

that would be great thanks and are you a native speaker just curious

Tusen takk ^-^ men jeg er ikke norsk (: ( Thank you very much ^-^ but i'm not norwegian )

ahh okay well you're still better at norse then me

iam also new learner norwegian i thing we can practise to gather

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