December 23, 2015

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Should this accept "of a fish", since "ryby" is also the genitive singular form of "fish"?


as far as i remember, ryby is a way of saying that there is more than one fish


this is in plural lessons so there are several fish yeah


It's good that you change it to: Jedna ryba (one fish) Dwie ryby (two fish) Trzy ryby (three fish) Cztery ryb (four fish) Pięć ryb (five fish) Sześć ryb (six fish) from 5 onwards the ending stays the same, so 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and so on will always be (ryb). Notice how the endings change and how the (two) changes to Dwa, Dwie, Dwóch, Dwoje. The (one) is Jeden, Jedna, Jedyny {Jedyny can also mean (only)}.


This is why I would very much prefer to have a Polish-Spanish course intead of English. Apart from being my mother language, a big deal of Polish' grammar makes much more sense when translated into Spanish.


at times it is difficult to hear the proper pronunciation it is not very clear


Her a and y sound much alike. She swallows both. Or so it seems to me


I typed "rybt" and it was correct but sorry it was an accident but its okay.


Eeeeee? Even if it was accepted (as a typo), it's definitely incorrect.


I don't know about the technical stuff. But in everyday use, if you were going to buy some cod, salmon and trout you would say "I'm going to buy some fish" (British English). You would never say fishes - it would definitely sound odd. I think memsom was just trying to be helpful. (a native speaker of BE)


It is the same in american english, and I always appreciate comments from native speakers. It is useful and interesting to know, for example, the difference between british and american (and possibly canadian or autralian) english.


but would you use ryby for live fish or fishes?


Yes. Unlike, for example, beef (wołowina) and pork (wieprzowina), the word fish (ryba) also refers to living animals, same as in English. As a food, you would however mostly use the singular form, again, same as in English.


Fish is general there's no specifications i.e; tilapia, salmon, sardine, starfish,... Just fish no species?


Just fish, no species.

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