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"On jest mężczyzną, a ja jestem chłopcem."

Translation:He is a man and I am a boy.

December 23, 2015



What is the difference between "i" and "a"? They both mean "and", right?


"a" is used to contrast two different informations - there is nothing in common between "he is a man" and "I am a boy". In contrast, you could say for example "On jest mężczyzną i ja jestem mężczyzną".


Great, I was wondering about the same thing. It sounds like something a writer could play with :)

Any thoughts on the other conjunctions that mean and in English; zaś and oraz [http://en.bab.la/dictionary/english-polish/and]?

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"Zaś" might be used here instead of "a" But there is a little bit different words order in the second part of the sentence. Examples: On jest mężczyzną, a ja jestem chłopcem. On jest mężczyzną, ja zaś jestem chłopcem.

"Oraz" might be used instead of "i". Samples: On jest mężczyzną i ja jestem mężczyzną. On jest mężczyzną oraz ja jestem mężczyzną. "Oraz" here is similar to English "also". In Polish you can use here also words "także" , "również".


When you click on "a", it only defines it as the letter. There is no indication that it means "and"--thankfully, "and" was the only conjuction I could select from the buttons.


1-syllable mania


Nie! Ja jestem mężczyzna, ty jesteś chłopcem.


I draw no parallels between this sentence and those earlier in the lesson.


And in Polish: "Tamte dni, tamte noce" (those days, those nights).


Stay away from the peaches!

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