"Nie znamy tego."

Translation:We do not know this.

December 23, 2015

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Thank you! I had forgotten to change the accusative to genitive. So in the positive it would be "znamy to" for "we know this" and "znamy tego" for "we know him"?


I actually think "znamy tego" means "we know this"...

"We know him" would be "znamy go."

"Tego" is both masculine singular nominative and masculine animate singular Accusative... So that is why it is both "Nie znam tego" and "znam tego"


Well, usually you get things right, but I'm afraid that not this time. No, 'tego' is not any Nominative form. Masculine singular Nominative is "ten". And it's masculine singular inanimate Accusative as well. You're right with the animate one.

Unless you actually meant Genitive? Cause we have Genitive here, and I don't know why mention Nominative.

'"Znamy tego X" means "We know this X". With a masculine singular X. "We know this" would be "Znamy to". Because such 'this' can only be a dummy pronoun, not anything specific. And the dummy pronoun is neuter.

Also, frankly, the only context when it makes sense with "znać" that comes to my mind would be "Yeah, we are familiar with such situation(s)" or "Yeah, we are familiar with such behaviour"... otherwise, it shoud be "wiedzieć". "Wiemy to" = We know that. We have this knowledge. We are aware of it.


Why is "tego" "this" and not "him"? I thought "tego" in the accusative could only be masculine personal, and that "this" would be "to". Thanks for any answers!


In negations you use genitive case not accusative, maybe that's why you are confused. And Genitive for both masculine (animate and inanimate) and neuter is tego.


How would you say "we do not know him"?


nie znamy go.


In this case, tego goes at the end, instead of going before nie like the rest of sentences here such as " Ona tego nie widzi ".

I'm assuming it is because of the fact that the pronoun was dropped ? The whole sentence then goes like this? My tego nie znamy. AM I correct?


"Tego nie znamy" would sound rather unusual. "My tego nie znamy" is already a lot better, but still I'd go for "My nie znamy tego". "this" is the new information, it shows what you actually don't know.

Moreover, I don't like this sentence at all. "znać" is "to know" as in "to be familiar with". With such a vague sentence, "wiedzieć" (Nie wiemy tego as simple We don't know that, we don't know what the answer is) seems a lot more probable.

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