"Ty dostajesz obiad."

Translation:You are getting lunch.

December 23, 2015

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It's cool, "dostarczyć" is deliver, and "dostać" is get. They are quite similar.


I wasn't paying attention at all to these verbs and was all like WHHAT, but you sir saved my day <3 (enjoy ur lingot)


I honestly thought the similarities between many of the words in this exercise were there to mess with us. I applaud your positvity!


"Obiad"? "Dinner"?


Obiad generally means lunch. Looks like dinner works too, though.


Obiad is generally used for lunch, although it could be dinner depending on when dinner is culturally (in Spain their dinner, or big meal, is lunch time I believe). Kolacja is used for the evening meal in Polish.


I don't quite understand the American translation. Does "getting" lunch mean buying lunch or going out for lunch. I would never say "getting lunch" so i don't really know what it means!


it means receive


"Getting" lunch is a somewhat casual term. You may hear coworkers say "let's go get lunch later". In general it means going out to buy it somewhere, although you may hear your friend or family member say "I'm going to go get lunch" meaning they're literally going to go in the kitchen and make some food. Or eat it from the refrigerator. Often people will offer to "go get lunch" or "go get coffee" when they are getting to know somebody new, like a business partner or a date. Or when they are wanting to meet up with an old friend.

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It seems to me, it's about food people take from home to eat at workplace for lunch. They do not eat out, they prefer to take their home-made food because it's cheaper, more tasty or more healthy.


getting, receiving it from someone. Not the most natural sentence, I guess.


Is "dostałeś" wrong? You have both variants in the list: dostałeś and dostajesz, and both seem to be correct, but you can only select one


dostałeś is past tense (from perfective dostać), present form of this verb doesn't exist, future is dostaniesz

dostajesz is present tense (from imperfective dostawać), past form is dostawałeś/dostawałaś,


Right. But in the exercise there was no indication of what tense should be used and no English translation given. I had to select one correct variant: Ty (dostajesz, dostałeś, dostajemy etc) obiad Ty dostajesz obiad, Ty dostałeś obiad both seem correct? My point is that there shouldn't be "dostałeś" in this list to avoid confusion.


OK, I now understood what the problem was and deleted "dostałeś". Indeed, if there was no English sentence then it was also correct, but you cannot have two correct options in such a sentence. Thanks for pointing that out.


I guess it also checks if you know the tense. So the past tense option is there to check if you recognise past from present.


How do we know that 'you are delivering lunch' is not what was meant?


It's just a different verb. Although I guess it is a bit similar in some forms, but what you mean is "Ty dostarczasz obiad".


Dostajesz is not one of the selection


It's hard to believe, the exercises are built on the basic answer, which is 'Ty dostajesz obiad'... can you provide a screenshot?


This answer was not one of the choices!


Dostać, to me seems perfective in nature if not in fact. "Ty dostajesz obiad" to me, seems best translated into English as "You're going to get lunch."


"You're going to get lunch" is Future Tense, "Dostaniesz obiad". True, it's a better, more probable sentence, but it's not a translation.


Three out of six variants are NOT present tense forms (an infinitive and two past forms), was this intentional? I'm doing Present 3, no past tense whatsoever yet, the non-present forms here are just alien inclusions with no information to a user, they might as well be pictures with kittens or flowers.

Technically, it isn't an error in the task, but those forms don't teach anything at this stage. I normally use these pick-out-of-six-verb-forms-tasks to revise the proper endings of the verb one more time while they're onscreen together, but here I'm just picking the right one with no bonus to it. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming that the task is incorrect, and I know you DL guys are probably busy doing something useful instead of dealing with tasks that seem OK. But those three non-present forms are just useless here, while six present tense forms of the same verb would be useful. Just giving you feedback in case you need it :)


But you are perfectly right, it is actually against the Duo guidelines to include words (forms) that weren't taught yet among the potential answers. Removed now, thanks :)


Can this be used to mean, "You are in the process of obtaining some lunch somewhere" like it can in English, or does it strictly mean, "You are receiving lunch (from someone or something that is giving it to you)"? In other words, could I say, "On dostaje obiad" in answer to the question, "Gdzie idzie?" or "Co robi?"

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