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  5. "Ja kroję chleb."

"Ja kroję chleb."

Translation:I am slicing the bread.

December 23, 2015



What is the difference between this and przestać


"przestać" is to stop doing something... that's a rather surprising question.


I am cutting a bread. why is it a wrong answer?


You don't really use "a bread" in English.


Ok, but if i tell my wife... "Krojesz mięso, proszę!" and she knows, that i want to eat Goulash that could be not translated in "Please slice the meat! (?) So i think "kroić" should be "cut in anyway you like" and to slice is a special way and should be another word!?


I'm afraid that "krojesz" is not a word...

"kroisz" is 2nd person singular, but that's just a Present Tense declarative form, so it's "You are cutting meat".

"krój" is technically the imperative 2nd person form, but as it's imperfective, that doesn't make much sense in this example.

"pokrój" (perfective, ergo: cut it 'succesfully' and finish it) is the right form in your sentence :)

Well... I'd say that "kroić" is simply "to cut in a way that makes most sense in the given situation".


Why It is bad_,,The bread" but its good_,,Bread''


"the bread" works here.


Interesting I tend to use cutting bread these days. Slicing bread is correct, I just wondered whether usage of cutting as an alternative to slicing bread was becoming or had become more commonly used?


The only thing I can say is that it is accepted.

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