"Produkujecie smaczne wino."

Translation:You produce tasty wine.

December 23, 2015

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Saying that a wine is "tasty" is not the most natural. Other translations should be allowed for this one.


In duolingo you always have to translate rather literally…


Not always. Gods be praised, "Mam nadziejÄ™" can be translated by "I hope so", for example. Also, literal translation is evil :) And anyways, "smaczny" will almost always be translated by GOOD. I don't see the point in advocating a crappy literal translation.


My uncle would always use the word tasty when he was speaking English. It sounded strange to me until I started Duolingo where smaczne is all over the place. Mystery solved.


True. Best is to suggest alternatives. Mine have often been accepted,even if it was months later

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