"Ten tygrys jest pomarańczowy."

Translation:This tiger is orange.

December 23, 2015

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Why Duolingo doesn't make weird color examples like: horse is green? If a small fish can be evil, a horse can be green.


This is so weird. In Czech, the word 'pomerančový' is related only to the fruit. The colour orange is in Czech 'oranžový'.


"oranżowy" exists in Polish, but it's pretty rare, I don't think it should be accepted here as you'd likely would be corrected. It's quite possible that many Polish people don't even know that it's a word.


Hi there I'm Polish. And yes that word is quite rare. I'm not lying it can be used but a more common word is 'pomarańczowy'. Pomarańcz is an orange.


Hi Przemek, "pomarańcz" is a noun for the color orange. "pomarańcza" is an orange, the fruit.


what is the case of pomaranczowy here? I was expecting instrumental to end in -ym .


It's in nominative. After the verb "być" (jest) you use instrumental if it's a NOUN is NOUN phrase (where NOUN is a noun or a noun phrase). If it's NOUN is ADJECTIVE, you use nominative instead.


Thank you. This clears up the whole "color" section for me. :)

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