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i have finished the turkish tree in a month

<h1>allah'a şükür :)</h1>

December 23, 2015



Congrats !

What can you do after finishing the tree?

Well you can do the reverse, so English for Turkish speakers. You can also immerse yourself by listening to music, watching youtube videos and reading. You are lucky, there are many turkish soap operas so you will find a lot of TV shows, movies etc. Practice the grammar with exercices online and the vocabulary with Memrise. Try to write some short texts in Turkish. Find someone to practice with (a native speaker would be great).

I think that's all I have :)

Good luck


thank you very much :)


Aferin! What's your native language?


Arabic, turkish was easy because there are many loadwords



On top of what KozmoW advised you to do, you can also listen to Turkish radio stations! Here is a selection of music stations you can listen to live on the Internet :)


Çok güzel! Aferin sana! :) Well, the next step is simply more practice! I love the Turkish language. Watching weekly series in Turkish would be helpful. Başarılar dilerim!

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