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  5. "Я играю на гитаре."

"Я играю на гитаре."

Translation:I play the guitar.

December 23, 2015



In Serbian this means, "I am dancing on a guitar" . Russians wtf? :D


If my reference is correct, заход (sunset) in Serbian means "toilet". Serbians wtf? ;P


And (pardon me) "понос" means "гордость" (pride) :)))


I am genuinely interested how those two ended up being mixed up :-) . To be frank though Gordost also means pride in Serbian, but bit more excessive pride, like "hubris" in English


Philology is a fascinating field where black is white and white is black. Dancing and playing are obviously semantically similar, but sunset and toilet are not, unless in some culture, the use of the toilet was reserved for the evening. ;)


Actually, за+ход kind of makes sense for both sunset and toilet if you disengage yourself from their English translations.


What's the Serbian for "Moonset"? That would make more sense to an American as a word for "toilet".

To "moon" (verb) someone is to drop your pants and point your rear at them from a distance. It's another version of the one-finger salute. Sometimes done as a prank from a moving car.

So, when you sit your "moon" down on a toilet that would be a "moonset".


In Polish it would almost be I am fooling around on a guitar :p


Why are you Poles fooling around on guitars? :P


I realise that I am replying to 5 years old comment, but I am a Croat (and our languages are two different version of the same language) and I must say that this has been both fun and frustrating journey. Extremely frustrating in the beginning and very, very fun as of now. It is obvious that Russian and Croatian-Serbian were the same language once but they have gone in entirely separate direction. Now I am not 100% sure about standard Serbian, but here are some examples of standard Croatian.
First Croatian and then Russian and then English translation of both.

1) Ručka/ручка-car handbrake/pen

2) Kažem ja /Кажется/- say/It seems

3) Lijes/лес-coffin/woods

4) Dvorac/дворец-castle/palace

And these are just four example but there are many more. It was very confusing when learning Russian, even set me back a little bit as I kept confusing the meaning of some words. On the other hand there are archaic words which many Croats won't even know what they mean, but they are common in Russian language. Like dumati/думаю (same meaning). My maternal grandparents and mother use that word but mostly in context of daydreaming/being lost in thoughts.


Why does one say “listen to music” and not “listen music”?

Even if there is some deep etymological reasoning, it's more useful to accept verb patterns as a necessary evil. In particular, this verb has two main usages:

  • играть во что-либо — to play some game
  • играть на чём-либо — to play some instrument


A literal translation of "I play on the [instrument]" is not unheard of in English - for example, Psalm 92:3, "I shall play on the harp."


Excellent use of an example! And yes, not only is it not unheard of, it's fairly common.


Spanish for "to play" a musical instrument is tocar, which in it's base meaning is "to touch". You do things to/on a musical instrument to make them emit music - strum, pluck, blow wind through, move a bow across strings, hit with a stick (drums) or a mallet (xylophone), etc. На makes perfect sense.

Just as в makes sense for playing "in" a game.


Why is "I'm playing on the guitar" marked as wrong?


it's fascinating to see how two seemingly very different languages came to use the same verbs for playing a game or an instrument. It must date back to their Indo-European root, even in French you use the verb "jouer" for games and instruments. In Spanish, by the way, we use the verb "tocar" when we refer to playing an instrument, which also means "to touch".


How would you say playing 'You are playing with my heart?"


"Ты играешь с моим сердцем" or " ты играешь моим сердцем"


Shouldn't this be "i am playing the guitar"?


So russian use prepositional for playing an instrument, i thought it would simply be accusative.


The tips and notes says:

The verb «играть» is used as follows:

  • в + Accusative for games

  • на + Prepositional for musical instruments

For example, Я игра́ю в футбо́л / Я игра́ю на гита́ре.


It would be extremely helpful if tips and notes were accessible from the Android version of Duolingo.


Same for the Apple IOS versions.


Never gonna happen apparently. I asked about it, and was told to just use the browser version. It's better anyways, because there's no ads even without Plus :) If Duo would like me to view ads, they should improve the app with the functions that the browser version has.



I am playing "ON" the guitar


Почему нельзя сказать: I play a guitar ? Ведь здесь речь не идет о том, что я играю на какой-то конкретной - именно этой - гитаре.


for reference, is ukulele said the same in Russian (as "ukulele") or does it have a different name?


It's the same word pronounced differently: укуле́ле.


Does anyone else hear я as "ye" instead of "ya"?

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