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  5. "Nosisz brązowe spodnie?"

"Nosisz brązowe spodnie?"

Translation:Do you wear brown trousers?

December 23, 2015



"you're wearing brown pants?" is not accepted?


This comes form complicated nature of the word nosić/nieść = carry , among other meanings In this meaning niosę= i am carrying noszę = I carry

You use noszę = I wear, but not I am wearing ,


So, that means that the question "Nosisz brazowe spodnie?" is asking if the person wears brown pants in a general sense, not if the person is currently wearing brown pants? (I'm just trying to wrap my head around whatever this nosic/niesc distinction is - I've seen aspect in other Slavic languages but this seems different.)


Pretty sure there's a Deadpool joke here


Spondie means trousers not pants. Pants is short for underpants in English.


In American English, pants is an informal term for trousers, not underpants.


Most of the Engish speaking world says pants rather than trousers. Pants as underwear is a regionalism.


This comment is more praise than complaint (you need that every now and again)... but I actually laughed when I read this.

This is prolly one of the more useful sets of vocabulary this early one mostly due to me being able to say "Brazowe spodnie" now xD


and the joke writes itself...


I am a little lost as to why this case after nosić isn't declined like this Twoja córka nosi różową koszulę. . Is it because the one above is in the form of a question and therefore doesn't use the accusative?


It's plural, so the accusative looks like the nominative.


Ah, thank you. I hear other people talk about hints and tips but I cannot find any before beginning lessons. It makes it harder to understand changes like this.


Hints are present when you hover the cursor (browser) or click (app) on a word in the sentence you have to translate.

Tips and Notes are present only in the browser version, and only up to some point so far. You need to click on the skill icon and then click the lightbulb button.

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