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  5. "Lubię różowy kolor."

"Lubię różowy kolor."

Translation:I like the color pink.

December 23, 2015



Yeah, it should be accepted.


In English, it isnt necessary to say colour. I like pink is enough.


Just like in Polish. But yeah, "I like pink" works.


I don't think, i like pink colour makes sense at all


If one were to be asked the question 'which colour do you like' an appropriate response could be 'I like the pink colour'
If one were to be asked 'what colour do you like' an appropriate response would be 'I like pink' As a stand alone statement, saying 'I like pink colour' is never what a native speaker would say. However the meaning would be understood.


"I like the color rose" should also be accepted.


Isn't it almost the same thing?


Almost, but love would be "kocham"


"Kocham" and "lubię" are not interchangeable. Liking something and loving something are two different things. Maybe they're kind of similar, but they're not the same thing ;>


suddenly I do not see the correct answer. Just that my answer is wrong and it does not show what it should be...


Give me a break!


Color pink? Why? It must be Pink Color


It would seem logical to me and to you, but that's not how English works, I'm afraid.


I never thought about this originally, but is there a difference in Polish between "I like the colour pink" as in this example, and "I like the pink colour"? The first is a statement of colour preference, but the second is usually a statement about a specific use/situation of the colour. For example, I might say something like: "Jelli has dyed his hair. I like the colour pink." referring to the specific situation and colour used. So, while English deals with this by changing word order, how does Polish do it?


I got that second example round the wrong way. It should have been: "I like the pink colour".


The most important difference is that for the second "like", which I understand expresses that you just saw my hair and you like the colour, you wouldn't really use "lubić". "lubić" is liking something in general, long term. It doesn't make much sense with a good first impression.

And then... I guess I'd go with something like "Podoba mi się ten różowy" (I like this pink). "podobać się" is the right verb here, and I'd add 'ten' to show what exactly I'm referring to.

It could be even better to use the noun "róż" rather than the adjective "różowy".


Thanks. Because the English noun and adjective is the same, that's the reason for using a different word order, whereas Polish uses an adjective or noun as appropriate. Or podobać się in that example.

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