"Gdzie jest moja golarka?"

Translation:Where is my shaver?

December 23, 2015

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Is there a good way to remember which question words require the verb to be adjacent to it and which prefer it as in a normal declarative sentence in order to sound the most natural? A different exercise using dlaczego marked this sort of construction incorrect for the Polish sentence (because poetic/unnatural according to the comments), but gdzie seems to prefer it.


Interesting question. I don't know any way, I'm afraid... but true, "Gdzie jest moja golarka" and "Dlaczego moja golarka jest tutaj" are indeed different, nice observation.


On the reverse version of this question I accidentally typed 'Gdzie moja golarka?' and it was accepted. From searching, it seems like people really say things like that. Is it just in informal speech? Under what circumstances can you drop być?


With 'gdzie', yeah, it seems relatively common. But it sounds kinda impatient and may simply be considered impolite.

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