"Jeg ser en åpnet dør."

Translation:I see an opened door.

December 23, 2015

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"an opened door" is not grammatically correct

Edit: It's fine. False alarm. No need to read further unless you think it's wrong too :)


from what I understand "opened" is used only as a verb or as a participle that is accompanied by a verb e.g. "is opened by sb", but when a participle is on its own it's always "open", like the adjective, lookie here: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/open-or-opened the rules for participles are similar


There is a slight difference; 'an opened door' is a door which somebody opened at some point, while 'an open door' is simply an open door. This difference exist in Norwegian, and it's better to translate to the closest word to translate the meaning. 'åpnet', much like 'opened', is uncommon in Norwegian, and 'åpen'(open) is preferred in most cases.


yeah, I understand the difference, I'm just not convinced that it is correct to write that in English. Maybe it is, it looked very weird to me so I did a little research and I found several people saying pretty much what I wrote above. So I thought I'd write something here, but I'm no expert, just trying to help :)


Native English speaker here. "An opened door" is perfectly correct. It just emphasizes the fact that someone or something opened the door and it wasn't that way all along.


I know, I realised that yesterday evening when I remembered "I got an opened letter" from the Swedish course. I don't know why I had a problem with "door", maybe because you don't hear the "-ed" when it's not stressed, it kind of fades into the "door" and disappears. Anyway, sorry guys, false alarm. The saddest part is that so many people out there seemed to agree with my stupid thinking :/

Oh, and Luke, thanks for this AWESOME course! I'm finishing my tree today and I'm starting to work my way up to 25 :)


It was not that stupid, I thought that too (although I have the advantage of not being a native English-speaker xD

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