"Chciałabym być bogata i piękna."

Translation:I would like to be rich and beautiful.

December 23, 2015

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How meek! What about young?


There's a college in Warsaw whose ad for students goes something like - "Zdolny, ambitny, atrakcyjny?". I've often wondered if "atrakcyjny" has some added meaning I'm unaware of, or is this college just fussy about the looks of its students? :)


'Attractive' - atrakcyjny can be related to the physical appearance but also due to the fact that a persin is smart and intelligent what makes him/her attractive, right ? :)


Not "I would want to be"?


To quote one of the moderators, Alik: Imo, this only sounds ok in conditional clauses. "I can understand his desire. If I were as tall as him, I would want to be a basketball player, too." - and then a native speaker confirmed.


Ale jestem tylko piękna.


I would like to be rich and pretty?


I wrote "I would like to be rich and pretty" and it said it was wrong that should be fixed.


"Piękna" is a really strong word. I'm not so sure if "pretty" really covers it. That would rather be "ładna".


Why not I would want ?


It is a rather rarely used construction in English, I believe. One of our native contributors told me: "It works as part of a sentence: 'If I were a woman, I would want to be rich and beautiful' but I don't think it works well alone".


Why is być bogata i piękna rather than być bogatą i piękną? Jestem potrzebuje formy -ą czy -em?


This sentence isn't really different from a simpler sentence like "I am rich" ("Jestem bogaty/Jestem bogata"). "to be" here is just followed by an adjective, not a noun phrase. A standalone adjective in such a construction stays in Nominative.

If it was "I would like to be a rich and beautiful woman", we'd have a noun phrase and the sentence would take Instrumental: "Chciałabym być bogatą i piękną kobietą".


Why doesn't "prefer to be" work here?

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