"Hun kjører både utfor og slalåm."

Translation:She skis both downhill and slalom.

December 23, 2015

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Norwegians just sense when it's about skiing, there is no other logical explanation...


How am I supposed to know, when it's "driving" and when it's "skiing"?


I guess skiing here makes more sense even though in my mind she was driving a car downhill. But normally the context in which it is used should make it obvious which of the 2 is meant.


Slalom is a Norwegian word, referring to a sloping track. I'm pretty sure it's always referred to skiing, it's just that some other people thought it would be a good idea to use it to describe other types of zigzagging.

So far, I've never heard the Norwegians talk about slalom in reference to driving.


Did "slalom" not give you a clue?


I dunno, when testing a car it's not unusual to drive it in a slalom as well. My first thought was test-driving a car.


huh. I guess I don't know what Slalom means, because I have no idea what "to drive it in slalom" means if referring to a car...


It refers to zig-zagging around a set of obstacles. It's common in different US of A states, or other countries to do it as part of a driver's test, or when testing cars or car design, it's used to test steering.

Imagine a row of obstacles (usually traffic cones) with large caps in between. The goal is to drive on one side of the first, and then the other side of the next. You're passing between each set of obstacles. That's a slalom.

Here's a picture if you're still having issues imagining it: http://imgur.com/a/CGEWL


Thanks! I guess I just don't really know of the sport of driving or much about the auto-industry. Cuz clearly that's the same as with skiing.


It's very common to use the word "ride" with regard to skiing and snowboarding, at least where I come from (North American mountains). It's very natural in my mind for this to translate to "She rides both downhill and slalom."


How cool! I never knew the word "slalom" came from Norwegian


I had no trouble taking kjører in context as skiing, but was surprised to see utfor translate directly to 'downhill' instead of using something like "nedfjell" or somesuch.


Jeg trodde at nordmenn brukte alpin i stedet av utfor? Eller beskriver alpin for både utfor og slalåm?


Isnt downhill slalåm??? And what is utfor?


downhill and slalom are two different things, even in English


Downhill is skiing in a straight line down the hill, and slalom is where you have to zig-zag around obstacles as you descend :)


I have never heard the word slalom before in English.


It mostly refers to sport skiing.


It's used in both skiing and motorsports to refer to zig-zagging around obstacles :)


Me neither, I was so confused


This is the first time I've seen kjører used for meaning skiing. Talk about confusing! It took me a long time to figure this sentence out!

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