"Kiedy jesz śniadanie?"

Translation:When do you eat breakfast?

December 23, 2015

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Question: Is there a distinction in Polish between "When do you eat breakfast? (on a regular basis)" and "When are you eating breakfast (today)"

Or would I just have to add additional phrases for clarification?


Adding dziś/dzisiaj=today jutro=tomorrow, clarifies "now"

You can also say : " Kiedy jadasz śniadanie ? " which is eat habituallly. Or just add zwykle/zazwyczaj = ussually.

" O której godzinie je pani zazwyczaj śniadanie" - is a question my dietician asks.


ah yes :) of course! That makes sense. Just add context or replace the verb (if available and not archaic) with a modified one like you've shown.


Technically it's the same verb, just another mode. But it's too soon for that one.


One of the correct solutions was "When do you've breakfast?". I do not understand


It may be because, you could ask "When do you have breakfast?" and "you've" is a common contraction of "you have". Despite it not being correct to contract it in this situation, the fact that the contraction exists may be the reason it is accepted as correct.


Could this also mean when are you eating breakfast?

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