"Kochasz mnie?"

Translation:Do you love me?

December 23, 2015

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Are you playing your love games with me?


Only if you have drank Bailey's from a shoe!


This is accusative case in this sentence, right?


She says "no". :(


"Nie Drake, ja cię nie kocham" - Kiki


Would "Czy ty mnie kochasz?" be a more natural sounding sentence, or is this one just as natural?


It would sound okay, but kinda... formal? not only 'ty' is redundant, but even starting with 'czy' seems not needed.



Looking at your comments on the "we hear you" lesson, you said we cannot omit the 'my' in 'my was słyszymy' because we cant start with a pronoun.

1) Is that comment still true for this phrase? ie. ’Kochasz mnie' is ok but ’mnie kochasz' is not?

2) If so, can the phrase 'mnie kochasz' be fixed by starting it with 'ty' (as in your example of 'my was słyszymy')

3) And if so, if we DO ever use 'ty', do we then have to have 'ty mnie kochasz' or would 'ty kochasz mnie' still be ok, even though the 'ty' becomes unnecessary?


1) Yes, "Mnie kochasz?" would sound really strange.

2) "Ty mnie kochasz?" is better, but it sounds to me like "Wait... I thought that nobody loves me, but what you're saying... You love me?"

3) We also discourage putting pronouns (and adverbs) at the end ;) If there's another, correct place, of course. "Ty kochasz mnie?" really doesn't sound great to me.

In conclusion: the only really natural way of asking someone "Do you love me?" is "Kochasz mnie?".

And the best alternative would be "Czy ty mnie kochasz?". But as I said, it's kinda formal, a bit... dramatic, like from a soap opera? You know, such feelings about wordings are of course subjective.


Yes I do Duo!


Now that i can dance.

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    "Would you love me? I would love me."

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