"Ty wspierasz moją matkę."

Translation:You support my mother.

December 23, 2015

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"Support" in what sense? Financially?


Uggh, I thought for so long that wspierać was followed by genitive because of the sentence "Wspieram mojego brata" but surprise surprise.. "mojego" and "brata" are the same for genitive and accusative.. It would be so helpful if duo could add the case matching the verb. It would save so much time not having to google this constantly :(


is this support as in financial support or moral support?


Does this mean supporting pysically (with your arm) or financially (sending money)?

[deactivated user]

    Hi, it can be emotional, financial or physical support - it could be for people or for things. I believe it can be used for a one-time thing or for support over a period of time.


    Not so sure about physical... although if we turn it around we can say "On wspiera się na jej ramieniu" to say that he is leaning (?) on her arm.


    Moją takes (I think) the accusative adjective ending.

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