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"Marcelo não vai à academia hoje."

Translation:Marcelo does not go to the gym today.

December 23, 2015



how do you get gym from academia? I thought we just learned that was college or school


Academia (de ginástica) = Gym - This is by far the most common meaning.

Faculdade = College
Escola = School

Academia, rarely, can be "academy".


So what would 'academy' be in Portuguese?


Ok, but you literally just said that - Academia, rarely, can be "academy". Maybe as a place of study, academy isn't used much in Portuguese. What do you call a place where you study in a specific field e.g. a police academy/ a football academy? Obrigado Dan


Perhaps I should have said "less commonly"....

It applies to the police academy, but not really a football academy, for instance.

We often prefer using "escola" or "faculdade" for study places. But some of them might take "academia" less often.

We have some common well known usages such as "Academia Brasileira de Letras" (the one that rules Porguese), "Academia Brasileira de Belas Artes". Not study places, though.

One thing is pretty clear: you won't find people trying to say "academy" without a complement. If they say simply "academia", it will be a gym.


Can one leave out the definite article? In other words, just say: Marcelo is not going to gym today.


É interssante que academia seja academia de ginástica, em espanhol é usada na maneira que inglês: "academy". Obrigado! RID


When do you use à and ao to indicate direction?

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