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  5. "По-моему, вход под мостом."

"По-моему, вход под мостом."

Translation:I think the entrance is under the bridge.

December 23, 2015



The entrance to a secret tunnel? That would be cool.


i'm actually wondering if "под" in this case might mean something more like "at the foot of" or "right by the base of". i think i remember sometime learning that it could have that meaning, and that seems like a slightly more normal thing to say. but i could be wrong.


Zork (If you know this, it will date you or define you as a nerd)


I didn't know that По-моему meant = I think like Я думаю. I don't remember it being mentioned before. Are there particular reasons to use one or the other in sentences?


In this case, "по-моему" = "мне кажется" (I think [but I'm not sure]).


I have the same question. I learned that по-моему means "in my opinion", which to me is slightly different from "I think". The first means this is how I feel about something, and the other means I'm not sure if this statement is correct. Are по-моему and я думаю что interchangeable in Russian?


Same thought. "По-моему" = in my opinion, according to me, etc. But i was just maked wrong for that.


"In my opinion" is fine, you should report

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No, по моему and я думаю are not interchangeable in Russian.
Я думаю - i think, i guess..
По моему - in my opinion, it seems to me…
But unfortunately "It seems to me that the entrance is under the bridge" is not accepted :(
There is one more meaning of "по моему" - всё будет по-моему - Everything will be as i wish.


It means something like "according to my way". In my experience it is used when speaking about something you're not sure of,or disagreeing on,presenting your own opinion. -Где Россия? -В Азии. -По моему в Европе. But I'm not a native speaker so if someone could validate it I'd be thankful.


Duo also accepts "In my opinion"


Are the lines - important in Russian language

[deactivated user]

    Is по-моему just the Russian equivalent of 'methinks'?


    sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner


    I don’t ever want to feel like I did that day...


    to my mind the entrance is under the bridge wasn't accepted

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