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  5. "Ist es etwas anderes?"

"Ist es etwas anderes?"

Translation:Is it something else?

December 10, 2013



Im more interested in the ending of "Andere" why the s ? "anderes" ? Same thing happened with "ist das alles?" And i also didnt get why we added an S to it, anyone can please help shed a light ? Thanks


I have the same question. Help us, please!


It is an nominalized adj. When not referring to things with gender, but rather to abstract things, it takes the neuter declensions. Here, etwas has no gender mark, so Andere- must be declined so to mark that it's a neutral form... I don't know if I've made my point clear. For example, gut is an adj, but can be nominalized (an then is capitalised) Das Gute = the good (the "das" already marks the gender). Alles Gute = all the good (again the gender is marked in the word alles). Etwas Gutes = something good (the word etwas says nothing about the gender so the word "Gute" takes an -s to mark the gender).

Hope this helps a little.


"Is there something else?" won't work here?


I was about to write the same translation as you. In the last moment I have changed it, considering that it is better (from to Duolingo point of view) to respect as much as possible the meaning of each word. I was right from Duolingo point of view. Still, I have the same question like you. I would dare to answer to your question with "yes". The common-sense is supporting an "yes" answer.


Come on people use your brains, seriously. Ist es = Is it / Gibt es = Is there


The sense for each of the 2 mentioned variants is quite similar, hence the confusion. Beside, I think "Gibt es" wasn't used within Duolingo until this phase. I learn this expression later, from a book. Of course, it make sense what you say, if you already know about "Gibt es", but if you don't?...Well, if you don't, I think the above question is understandable. It's not about brain capabilities, it's about knowledge...


Besides "gibt es" literally means "gives it" so it's not clear at all to a beginner.


You got voted down, not because you're wrong. Its because when people learn something new they want encouragement. Not nasty stuff. verstehst du?


That's because there is an 'es' in the sentence.


How do you know which inflection of "andere" to use? Is "anderes" used because there is no gender used in this sentence?


5 years later I think this correct: default to neuter since there's no indication of gender


I'd suggest: "is it something different?" , even though I miss what the question refers to,e.g: Are You mad at me , because I came home drunk with lipstick all over, or "ist es etwas anderes?

while: is there sthg else; You'd like to buy translates into: ist da noch etwas/gibt es noch etwas,....


can "etwas" not be "some/a bit" as in "is it a bit different"


"is it somewhat different" wasn't accepted (sept 2015)


Nor in May 2018. Reported.


I put basically the same thing in 2020. Its a literal translation, not sure why its throwing an idiom at us without explaining it


how can you tell if they're saying "ist es" or "ist das"? the voice is so fast, they sound identical.


Is this any different from "Gibt es etwas anderes?" ? If not, then "Is there something else?" should be allowed. But if not, I am content to learn. Duolingo is doing a great job!


so not "is there something else?"


Sorry. My mistake I didn't realize that comments appear at bottom of list.My mistake. So sorry!


it is okay. don't be sad :'(


why can't you say: "Isst es etwas anderes"?


Voice line very clearly said "ist das", apparently it's meant to be "ist es"? It resulted in my answer being marked wrong. Not too please.


I don't understand why "Is this something else?" is not acceptable.


es = it; das = this.


It didn't like is it something other?


This site turns more and more to a simple automated machine translator for different language pairs.

Expressions, expressions, expressions!!!

Not every time word by word translation works in the target language.


Duolingo is very good. However, it is not perfect.


Why not "Isst es etwas anderes" - "Is it eating something else"?


it's something different was my translation, and marked wrong. In German , are contractions used?


Why is "anderes" not capitalized?


Why do you think it should be capitalized? "anderes" is not a noun and not at the beginning of the sentence.


why is it ,,else"? Is ,,anderes'' have many translation using another/different?


Hey, Was wondering if anderes corresponds to the English word "another" please confirm this.


Is it just me or is this sentence spoken faster than usual?


Not just you, it's definitely faster than usual.


Duolingo is very good. However, it is not perfect.


I said that Duolingo is not perfect because from the discussion I have just read I agree with those who believe that it would be ok to give the answer "Is there" since I have not yet learnt othewise.


Sorry, but I can't agree. 'Is it', and 'is there' mean quite different things and would be used in completely different situations.


I cant unerstand why my comment is not being admitted. I think I shall get out of this duolingo course!!!!

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