"At which stop are you getting off?"

Translation:Kaçıncı durakta iniyorsun?

December 24, 2015

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This setence is confusing. Why would it not be Hangsi (that's what is in the field when you click on the word which) it doesn't show anything about Kactinci?


Blame English!

With "Kaçıncı", what you are asking is: "Is it the first stop? Or the second stop?" and so on. It implies "After how many stops are you getting off?"

So the answer will be something like "The third stop".

On the other hand, an answer to "hangi" will be a name of a bus stop.


Why is " kaçıncı durakta iniyor müsün " wrong?


All the question particles (mı, mi ......) are used in the (yes/no) questions only.... So in fact your answer does not have a meaning.


Why (Kaçıncı durakta sen iniyorsun?) is not accepted?

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