"Mom does not allow me to write on the walls."

Translation:Mama nie pozwala mi pisać po ścianach.

December 24, 2015

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Could "na" be in place of "po" ? (Thanks. )


I guess it could be. It seems a bit different to me, but I am unable to specify how. Maybe writing 'na ścianach' would be less of a vandalism and more like writing something sensible? I really don't know. Anyway, added ;)


I love the nuance here, dzięki!


I think "na" is more of "upon", while "po" means something like "all over", in a careless or intentionless manner.


Why is "Mama mi nie pozwala..." wrong. Does the "mi" have to come after the "pozwala"?


No, that sounds fine to me. Added.


Why, then is "Mama nie mi pozwala..." wrong? I probably used that order because I was thinking of French rather than because I actually thought it was like that in Polish; but what IS the rule for placing object pronouns relative to the verb?


Nie pozwala cannot be separated. The "nie" used to negate a verb must always come directly before the verb with nothing in between.


I was marked wrong for this 09/04/19


Well, it is on the list of accepted answers, so either you had a typo somewhere, or it was a bug.


Me too on 20/08/19

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    Would both "mi" and "mnie" be appropriate here? I understand it changes the focus of the sentence a little, but it seems like both should be accepted.


    Mnie and tobie(ci)[you] shouldn't be used in the middle of the sentence.


    If you want to use 'mnie' you'll usually put it in the beginning of the sentence: 'Mnie mama nie pozwala pisać po ścianach'.


    We uses ''Mi'' in this situation ''Give me this'' and ''Mnie'' in this ''Give me to him'' ;)


    Why isn't 'moja mama' accepted? I wrote 'Moja mama nie pozwala mi pisać na ścianach'


    Moja mama nie pozwala mi pisać po ścianach

    Can someone explain to me why this sentence was not accepted?


    I think it's because of the inclusion of "moja" when the English just says Mom and not My mom.

    I wish I could see how old questions are from the app, or had a link from the app to the web version to see.


    Usually it's the other way round, Polish doesn't have the possessive pronoun, the English sentence needs it. But "Mom" can work without "My".

    But I think there's nothing wrong about accepting "Moja mama", because that's what "Mom" does mean in this sentence, after all. Added.


    I think this is the first time in this course that 'po' is used in the meaning of 'on'. And there are a lot more, as we can see here:



    Will the sentence have the same meaning if I had written "Mama nie pozwala mi po ścianach pisać" ? Or is this not okay because ścianach would not be the right case for this sentence order?


    The cases are right ("ścianach" still directly follows "po" after all), but I'd consider this word order rather strange. In meaning, to me it's kinda like "The thing about the walls that my mom doesn't allow is writing".


    I want to use "dozwala" here, can I?


    I don't think so. This may be used for "allows" as in "Yes, the law allows it", but not in such a context as here.

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