"Kogo kocha nasza córka?"

Translation:Who does our daughter love?

December 24, 2015

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O.k. Then how do we say "Who loves our daughter"?


'Kto kocha naszą córkę?'


And "W kim kocha się nasza córka?" = "With whom is our daugther in love?", "Komu podoba się nasza córka?" = "Who likes [in the meaning: is attracted to] our daugther?"


I think of it as 'who' being in the accusative form (Kogo), so it's kinda like "our daughter loves who?"

Probably not the best way to explain it but it kinda works for me so far


This actually works for me. Dziękuje! ;)


Just want to say I've never had to ask a question in the comment section because someone asks it first and promptly gets a clear answer. In other words, I just want to thank those who put the effort into helping us out here, you're amazing. Cheers


"who" is incorrect, sorry to be pedantic but I believe in a language course it is important to be grammatically correct. "Whom" is the only correct form when used as an object.


We've had this argument a million of times, the number of unhappy arguing people is a lot smaller since we went with 'who'. We're not changing the decision, sorry.

P.S. I'd personally also use 'whom'.


How would you say 'Who loves our daughter?' As that's what I thought this said! Oops


"Kto kocha naszą córkę?"

It's the matter of what is the subject, what is the object :) The subject (Kto/Nasza córka) takes Nominative, the direct object (Kogo/Naszą córkę) takes Accusative.


How can we pick out the direct subject? Is it typically at the begining of this sentence?


"whom" is fine but formal; "who" is more commonly used these day, and both should be correct choices.


What case is Kogo in here?


Accusative. Imagine the answer to this question: "Nasza córka kocha tego chłopca." - you can easily see that "kochać" simply takes Accusative, so it's also Accusative in the question.


So once again for silly Germans :o/

The formal English question would be:

"Whom does our daughter love?"

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