Looking for people to practice with!

Salut! Je suis Tracy at je besoin aide!

Basically I'm now on the fourth tier, but despite doing a bit every day, my skill at anything other than reading is appalling. I really would like people to practice with and encourage each other on this learning journey!

I listen to French music, j'aime Stromae et Zaz; plus je suis aussi essaye le "immersion". I have always loved languages and have been learning french on and off(mostly off) since high school(>ten years ago). I decided a couple of months ago that this time i would stick to it and become fluent. After starting with Memrise for vocab, and youtube for music, i started on here and now have a 44day streak; but i really need to create sentences and what better way than make some new friends!

December 24, 2015


i have set up a group on google+ called duolingo francais amies to use as a base for group discussion/ learning etc as i'm finding the social format on duolingo a bit restrictive. any thoughts welcome. please forgive me for my lack of using accents in responses, im trying to set my keyboard up to use them

December 28, 2015

Salut. Je suis Jose.

Maybe i can help you with your french. Maybe we can help eachother. I´m trying to learn french and i understand that with no real practice is very difficult to pick it up.

December 24, 2015

Bonsoir! Je suis Nathan, enchanteé de faire votre connaissance, comment allez-vous?

J'ai un francais limiteé, mais un très bonne espagnol et anglais!

.Anyway, my French is not very good but maybe we could still chat and practice our language, best of luck!!

December 25, 2015

Salut! Je m'appelle Kristyna.

I am learning French for 49 days by using Duolingo watching Extra and listening to fairy tales in French. It would be nice to have some friend for practice. It is necessary to use the language actively, not just passively. We could be followers here on Duo so we could share our successes and compete a bit with weekly XP if you want. I'd like to have some pen friend too for writing e-mails each other or even Skyping as I get more confident with my French.

Anyone interested, just write me on my Duo profile.

December 27, 2015
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