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  5. "много студентов"

"много студентов"

Translation:a lot of students

December 24, 2015



so if student is студент then I am guessing this is just one of those things where the plural form does not follow the traditional pattern?


No, this is pretty regular. "Много" takes the genitive case. The nominative plural of "Студент" is still "Студенты".


Im sorry why does много make it genitive plural?


A lot of words use certain cases. "Много" requires the genitive case.

The general rule is the genitive case is used with words that describe quantity (like Много), possession, or absence (like Без=Without).

That's only a small part of the rule, though. The brief functions are described here:



Thanks a ton, much appreciated!


Look at it this way: Mnogo = a lot, Studentov = of students. As you can see, the English phrase takes genitive too to express the same meaning. On the other hand, "many" which is an adjective works like raznye which is also an adjective.


Много студентов but четеры студента? Shouldn't it be the same case?


It's the same case but different number! Remember that numbers ending in the words - two, three or four get genitive singular, while the word following много, while genitive, is free to be singular or plural, just like the word after "a lot of" in English.


Is it just me or is it sometimes pronounced "mnoga" and others "mnovo"?


It should never be mnovo.


is this plural accusative or plural genitive?


The answer to your question is contained in the discussion right above your question, with a link to a larger explanation. It helps to scan the comments for possible answers before posting a question, then going away without an answer, when the answer was right in front of you the whole time.

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any reason that "many college students" is not accepted as an answer? It seems that many and a lot of are pretty interchangeable in English, perhaps more so than in Russian, since we don't have to worry about different case endings.


pretty sure "many students" was accepted for me


I was going to say it wasn't, then realized I'd been asked to type what I heard in Russian. Oops.

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