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  5. "Wasza kaczka je chleb."

"Wasza kaczka je chleb."

Translation:Your duck is eating bread.

December 24, 2015



'Your duck eats bread' and 'Your duck is eating bread' are both correct here?


Isn't wasza plural? Shouldn't it be Twoja?


wasza - means it belongs to you all (plural) , twoja - belongs to you (singular).

In English both those words == your. So without context both options are correct.

If you want to say 'your duck' it is: twoje kaczki OR wasze kaczki.


no, luless.

twoje kaczki/wasze kaczki = your ducks

your duck = twoja kaczka/wasza kaczka


So ''wasz/wasza'' is like ''votre'' in French and ''twój/twoja'' is like ''ton/ta''?


In French the distinction between TU and VOUS is not simply singular versus plural - TU is always singular, but VOUS is not always plural: you use it to people other than friends, family members and children. SOMEBODY CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG, PLEASE, but I think in Polish the distinction is PURELY singular versus plural - ?


That is correct; there is a whole other set of "you" words to be used for being polite to people. "Pan", "Pani", etc....


Your duck EATS bread should be accepted!

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