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"Wasze dziecko"

Translation:Your child

December 24, 2015



Wasze is plural but dziecko singular? I got translation "Your children" incorrect. Correct is Your child. So why is it not Twoje dziecko?


The plurality of „wasze” in this case refers to the multiple owners, not multiple objects. Here, many people (probably two) has one child.


"your children" would be either twoje dzieci or wasze dzieci, depending on whether you are speaking to one person or more than one person, respectively.

If you want to say "your child," then it would be either twoje dziecko or wasze dziecko, again depending on whether you are speaking to one person or more than one person, respectively.


What is the difference between "Wasze dziecko i Twoje dziecko"? also isn't wasze plural?


You uses "Twoje" if you say this to one person and "Wasze" if to group of people ;)


If you were asking whether "wasze" is for plural objects… Here it's written "wasze" and not "wasza" or "wasz", because "dziecko" is a neuter noun. Remember that possesive pronouns must agree not just with the owner and number of objects, but also its gender.


It's exactly as you say - 'twoje' is singular, 'wasze' is plural.

In English 'your' is ambiguous and can be used for both singular and plural, but in Polish you have to be specific.


I think "Y'all's kid" should be accepted.


Well, if we accept "you all" (and we do) then I guess there's no harm in adding your answer. Added.


Y'all is one thing, it's incorrect but it's common regional slang. But you can't make a possessive " 's " out of it. It's gibberish to write "y'all's". If you must use "you all," then the possessive would be "your all" which is still very bad English.

But, this is a Polish course, not English, so if it helps English speakers learn Polish then it's worth it to use bad grammar on the English side.


It's one of the rare exceptions we make to compensate for the lack of twój/wasz distinction in English. Accepting y'all's seems slightly less preposterous to me than the alternative, to accept 'thy' for 'twój'.


Hahahaha! You actually made me laugh out loud! Well done! Haha


My answer matches the meaning 'your child' and yet it was marked incorrect


This post is pointless if you don't include what your answer actually was


second try, same as the first: correct answer not accepted


You wrote two comments, neither of which is of any use to us, and yet you didn't bother to send even one report. Why is that?

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